Open Source Vulnerability Scanning: Greenbone Community Edition 22.4

 I'm still scanning, yeah, yeah, yeah

Back in 2020 some ugly Bash Scripts were cobbled together by Yours truly to enable friends and (former) colleagues of mine to maintain a decent security posture for their small businesses - I've also used it to validate scans by other tools (Qualys &  Nessus) specifically (trust but verify) not to mention that it may be useful in testing etc. This "effort" was previously described here:


In July of 2022 Greenbone released 22.4 and I haven't had the time to upgrade to that before now. Mainly due to some changes in the architecture, as described here:


There's multiple scripts, supporting the installation of both primaries and secondaries (Greenbone still use the Master/Slave terminology, however) ensuring that certificates are generated correctly and installed on the secondaries.

The addition of the notus-scanner require installation of additional components, primarily mosquitto a lightweight message broker responsible for brokering the communications between ospd-openvas and the OpenVAS and Notus scanners respectively.

The Primary runs all the components shown in the diagram above, whereas the secondaries runs "only" ospd-openvas, the OpenVAS, and Notus scanners as well as Mosquitto (Message Broker).

Thanks to Greenbone for making this available and supporting the security community.

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