Søjde, høe lich hæ

Rikke Thomsen


Har lyttet til en ny kunstner, som en god kollega anbefalede. 

Hun hedder Rikke Thomsen og er en fantastisk blanding af Alberte's sødme og Allan Olsen finurlige egnsfortællinger, bare flyttet et par hundrede kilometer sydpå til Synnejyllan'.

Lyt for eksempel til "Ballebrovej 2"




SpiderFoot on your own server

"What is SpiderFoot?

SpiderFoot is a reconnaissance tool that automatically queries over 100 public data sources (OSINT) to gather intelligence on IP addresses, domain names, e-mail addresses, names and more. You simply specify the target you want to investigate, pick which modules to enable and then SpiderFoot will collect data to build up an understanding of all the entities and how they relate to each other."




If you - like me - sometimes want to run this yourself, I added yet another bash script to do just that.

It's available on Github: https://github.com/martinboller/spiderfoot-build


Dradis Community Edition install on Debian 11

 Dradis Community Edition

In order to be to quickly spin up a Dradis server to be able to collaborate on a pentest automated installation is preferable.




Whether you prefer own data center or cloud, here's [1] a little bash ugliness to do just that on Debian 11 (Bullseye). There's also files to test it using Vagrant and VirtualBox. Just remember that it leaves some nastiness in form of default credentials.


[1]Dradis CE install on Github: https://github.com/martinboller/dradisce-build.git

[2] Dradis Community Edition on Github: https://github.com/dradis/dradis-ce