Building Your own Greenbone Vulnerability Manager Source Edition (GSE)

Building the GSE Vulnerability Scanner

Want to deploy Greenbone Vulnerability Manager Source Edition instead of  the Trial version graciously provided by Greenbone Networks GmbH to the community?
Latest news
  • Updated to 21.4.4 Greenbones latest releases from Feb. 24th 2022
  • Updated to August 2021 updates from Greenbone (current releases) 2021-09-24
  • Changed to work with Debian 10 (Buster) and Debian 11 (Bullseye) on 2021-09-14.
  • Updated to GSE 21.4.0 on 2021-05-08.
The GVM framework is released under Open Source licenses as the Greenbone Source Edition (GSE).
The script on my Github [3] installs GSE, including the following components:
  • gvm-libs - required libraries for GVMD
  • gvm-tools -Remote control your Greenbone Vulnerability Manager (GVM) 
  • GVMD - Greenbone Vulnerability Manager 
  • GSA - Greenbone Security Assistant
  • ospd-openvas - OSP server implementation to allow GVM to remotely control an OpenVAS Scanner 
  • gvm-pyhon - Greenbone Vulnerability Management Python Library
  • openvas - Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner, a scanner for Greenbone Vulnerability Management (GVM)
  • openvas-smb - SMB module for the OpenVAS Scanner

The installation script is based on the hard work of "sadsloth" [4] and [5], without whom I'd probably never finished the install.

Also a BIG Thank You to Greenbone Networks GmbH for supporting the security community, not least Björn Ricks (https://twitter.com/BjoernRicks) who is Team lead at Greenbone Networks GmbH and responsible for openvas.

Requirements: Debian 10 Buster with 8 GB RAM or more (I've tested with 5 GB, and it works). It should work on Ubuntu too, but that is not tested - yet.

I'm striving to find the time to maintain (and improve) this installation script as well as add additional scanners, not least the ospd-nmap implementation. However any help is appreciated, so go ahead and create issues on github.

[1] Greenbone Security Manager Trial: https://www.greenbone.net/en/testnow/
[2] Greenbone Source: https://github.com/greenbone/
[3] Bash installation script: https://github.com/martinboller/gse.git