To honeypot or not to honeypot, that's the question

Sharing is caring. SANS / DShield provide a prebuilt Cowrie-based honeypot that's very easy to install.
You can find a tutorial here [1] as well as some old stuff here: [2]

So during the holidays/nights/weekends/whatever go install this - It runs well on a Raspberry Pi (and faster, stronger, fancier) so there's no longer any valid excuses not to honeypot!

Your home firewall can also easily be used for the purpose of honeypotting, just forward the relevant iptables/pf logs to DShield as well. Further details on configuring this can be found here [3]

[1] DShield Honeypot: https://isc.sans.edu/honeypot.html
[2] Peerlyst article "Are you submitting your logs to DSHIELD": https://www.peerlyst.com/posts/are-you-submitting-your-logs-to-dshield-martin-boller
[3] HowTo: Submitting logs to DShield https://isc.sans.edu/howto.html

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