Monday, August 5, 2019

Installing logstash-filter-tld plugin for newer Logstash versions

The logstash tld plugin (logstash-filter-tld) is used to extract the individual labels of a fqdn. This is great for analysis of e.g. domains from a Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA). Unfortunately this plugin does not work on newer logstash versions. (See
This is caused by java version requirements. To make it work, all that is needed is changing that requirement, then (re)building the gem. This is a few simple steps (done on Debian below - substitute with your distros package manager).
On the development machine:
The finalized plugin is now saved as logstash-filter-tld-3.0.3.gem. Copy that to your logstash instances, then install it using:
  • /usr/share/logstash/bin/logstash-plugin install --no-verify ./logstash-filter-tld-3.0.3.gem

For the logstash .conf-file(s) here's an example using the tld plugin:
filter {        

   tld {

        source => "computer_name"


    mutate {

        rename => { "[tld][domain]" => "highest_registered_domain" }

        rename => { "[tld][trd]" => "sub_domain" }

        rename => { "[tld][tld]" => "top_level_domain" }

        rename => { "[tld][sld]" => "parent_domain" }


Take a look at these logstash configurations too:

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